Hazard Analysis

Process Purchase and delivery.

Bacteria, mould or foreign bodies present in or on foods.

Training: Goods In operatives are trained to inspect all pallets before accepting a delivery.  Products prone to infestation are to be inspected particularly carefully. Any sign of infestation, water damage, or rodent damage will lead to that delivery being rejected.  Best before dates are also to be checked along with the Organic certification of organic deliveries. All goods to be recorded on a stock control system and any rejected goods to have the reason for rejection clearly recorded.

Established system of reputable suppliers;  Goods are only to be purchased from suppliers that have been audited by Infinity.


Annual audit of suppliers. This should include any relevant HACCP documentation and product specifications, check delivery vehicles, record temperature of chill cabinets on invoices. When checking temperature of chilled goods, the temp between packs should be recorded as well as air temp.  Ensure audit trail is established by following Goods In batching procedure.

– Storage.
Hazard – Multiplication of bacteria, contamination by foreign bodies and/or chemicals.

 – Goods In operative to store all goods immediately in appropriate storage areas.  Stock rotation to be adhered to.  All spillages or breakages to be cleared immediately.  Appropriate covering to be used on stored goods, no open sacks or sacks sealed with wire.  Regular cleaning of storage areas to be undertaken, all floor areas to be swept twice weekly, chilled cabinet to be cleaned on weekly basis. Cleaning of window sills and a deep clean of storage areas to be carried out on rota basis.

Monitoring – Chill cabinet to be monitored on daily basis, temp recorded by Goods In operative. If temp exceeds 8degrees, chill cabinet checked again one hour later, maintenance engineer contacted if still exceeds limit. No raw and cooked foods to be stored together. Cleaning products to be stored
 Hazard Analysis Cont…….

  Separately from food products in designated area.  Insect and rodent traps to be inspected daily.  On finding any evidence of infestation, pest control contractor to be contacted immediately. Records kept of pest control contactor visits. Manual cleaning records to be kept.

3.    Process – Packing

Hazard – Multiplication of bacteria, chemical and/or physical contamination.

Control – Training: all packers to undertake in house training and in addition to achieve the basic Foundation In Food Hygiene certification. No chilled high risk foods are packed within Infinity Foods which is reflected in this training.

Limit handling time for goods being packed, no goods left in packing area overnight, all packed goods to be stored in appropriate area immediately. All packing rooms and equipment to be kept in a clean condition and only appropriate plant based cleaning materials used. All packing operatives to maintain a high level of personal hygiene and no jewellery, watches, strong perfumes, loose hair allowed. Protective clothing and hats to be worn by all personnel in packing rooms. Blue metal detectable plasters to be used from first aid kit. Cleaning records to be kept must clearly state when changing from a non organic to organic product, similarly from gluten to gluten free, nuts and seeds to non nuts etc and the relevant cleaning procedures followed.

Soil Association cleaning requirements are adhered to in order to renew our Soil Association licence. These requirements state that all contact surfaces must be rinsed in clean, potable water prior to organic production and that a record of these cleaning activities is kept on our packing database.

 Cleaning of the three packing rooms to include : (on daily basis) Floors swept as and when necessary, debris not allowed to accumulate during working day. All spillages to be cleared immediately, for Health and Safety requirements as well as Food Hygiene. All bins to be emptied and removed from room overnight. Electric insect traps to be emptied. The compressors are to be discharged at end of day. The tables, discharge conveyors and the high level hoppers to be cleared of all product. The platforms and area underneath the
weighers to be cleared of any product. The area around the hand packing machine, steps and tables as well as the 2’s and 5’s area to be cleaned at end of each day. A check should be made following cleaning and reassembly of machines that all parts are present and in good working order.

(on weekly basis) The floor and skirting to be mopped twice weekly unless required more frequently i.e. following fruit production. The gantry in room 1 is to be mopped and wiring adjacent to gantry dusted. The steps used to access weighers in room 2 to be cleaned with steam cleaner in addition to daily cleaning. The shelf under the sinks and the window sills require cleaning and checking for infestation. Insect traps replaced as necessary.

(on monthly basis) The floors to be steam cleaned. Room 2 steps to access weighers steam cleaned. Ensure gas meter is dust free and piping leading to this clean.

Specific Cleaning Requirements:
Each packing room is designed to house and perform different types of packing which require separate and different equipment. Listed below is each area and it’s individual requirements.

Room 1 Vegatronic 2000/3
A large room with one hydraulic form fill machine, packing our fastest selling lines of grains, pulses and some nuts and seeds.  Comprising of one large metal platform, one high volume stainless steel hopper, four stainless steel vibrating trays, two stainless steel weighpans, stainless steel former funnels, small plastic conveyor belt, one large packing table and stainless steel pan scales for check weighing.  All machine parts are easily detachable for cleaning at large stainless steel sink in hot potable water.  The room is encased in a fireproof, antistatic white tarpaulin which comprises the walls and ceiling and covers any beams.  Lights and windows are encased in shatterproof coverings.  The floor is covered in cast resin which can be easily mopped.  PVC coving joins the walls to floor, extra vigilance is required when cleaning this area.  Working insectocutors are in place.

Room 2 Vegatronic 2000/4 and Hand Packing
This room contains a large hydraulic form fill packing machine used for selling fast selling lines of dried fruit and some other grains/pulses/nuts.  This area has a large packing table, scales for check weighing with stainless steel pan.  The machine consists of high volume stainless steel hopper, two smaller Teflon coated stainless steel hoppers, four Teflon coated stainless steel vibrating trays, two weighpans of the same material, stainless steel former tubes, one large metal platform, plus ten metre plastic conveyor belt.  All parts are easily detachable for cleaning.  A portable steam cleaner is used on the conveyor belt and the platform.  This room shares with the Hand Packing department, comprising a small packing table, scales with stainless steel weigh pan and scoops for packing the slow selling and/or difficult to pack products such as some dried fruit and flours. This also includes a Besmond packing machine comprising a stainless steel hopper, two stainless steel vibrating trays, one stainless steel weighpan and funnel.  All parts are again detachable for cleaning in hot potable water.  Checks are made before re-assembly to ensure that all parts are accounted for.  This large room is enclosed within the fireproof, antistatic tarpaulin which has a curtain entrance for forklift and personnel.  The flooring is cast resin and has extra pvc coving over the wall to floor edging.  The tarpaulin comprises an inner ceiling to the room, and beams are covered with the same material to address the hazard of dust settlement.  All lights are encased in shatterproof covering.  All window sills, pipes and ledges are dusted and wiped clean on a weekly basis.  Due to the nature of dried fruit production, surfaces and equipment are washed down regularly between products and during runs to cope with the residue build up.  A portable steam cleaner is used on the metal platform and conveyor belt and the floor mopped more than the  twice weekly requirement. Working insectocutors are in place.

Room 3 Vegatronic 1000 and Mixing Machine
The third room houses a smaller form fill machine, comprising one stainless steel hopper, four stainless steel vibrating trays, two stainless steel weighpans and former funnels, all easily detachable for cleaning for cleaning in hot potable water.  One large packing table to be wiped down.  A large stainless steel mixing machine is also housed here. Comprising 1 large stainless steel hopper/mixer with stainless steel paddles discharging into a stainless steel tote bin This stainless steel tote bin hoist lifts and empties into a second stainless steel hopper on the sack sticher/bag sealer used to fill and seal 5kg/25kg bags which are then passed through the metal detector.  Working insectocutors in place.  The fireproof, antistatic white tarpaulin creates the walls in this room. The concrete floor is painted in hard wearing floor paint allowing for adequate cleaning.  All lights encased in shatterproof coverings.

All three rooms have conveyor fed metal detectors, sensitivity 30-200 ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Monitoring – Prior to packing all goods should be randomly sampled. Any goods rejected to be stored in separate area of warehouse awaiting return. As above, an audit trail is maintained of all goods packed (via packing database) to allow a product recall.  Cleaning schedules are recorded on database. All packing staff constantly monitor products for signs of infestation/contaminationduring the packing process.  Metal contaminants detected by metal detector are kept and recorded.


Quality Control

It is Infinity Foods intention to provide customers with the highest quality food products possible. Where we fail to achieve this aim, Infinity Foods believes that it is our responsibility to investigate the cause of this failure and eliminate it.
However, as we pack nuts, dried fruit, pulses, beans and grains it is not possible to guarantee that all items such as small stones or pieces of nut shell are detected.  Where this admixture exceeds the acceptable limits defined within the product specification the goods will be rejected. All product specifications are available on request.
In accordance with this aim we welcome any suggestions as to improvements that we can make in our systems.  We take our obligation to provide food products that are fit for human consumption very seriously and this aim is indeed one of the ideas on which the company was founded and it is for this reason that we are willing to exceed the requirements of the law where we believe it to be advisable to do so.
In order to achieve this all members of staff will be provided with adequate training, adequate tools and equipment and systems of filing and retrieving information.
It is incumbent on all members of staff to attend all training and to take a
proactive attitude to Food Hygiene.  All staff have a duty of acre to themselves and to our customers and must ensure that they discharge this duty adequately.  The regular meetings for Warehouse, Packing and Office staff should be used as a forum for raising any Food Hygiene issues or for reviewing and improving systems of control.

Nut Policy

All nut products to be shrink wrapped, clearly labelled and stored separately in warehouse. Following nut production on the packing machines all parts to be dismantled and cleaned in portable water. Cleaning process recorded on packing database. Immediate area swept. All noin nut pre-packs to carry the warning 'packed in an environment containing nuts.'

Allergen Policy

Products containing gluten shrink wrapped and clearly labelled. Packing team trained to be aware of allergens. Products containing gluten packed on seperate run to non-gluten products. Full cleaning in portable water of packing machine parts/equipment following 'gluten' run. Cleaning process recorded on packing database. All gluten free products clearly labelled as such.

Glass/Brittle Plastics Policy

No glass/brittle plastics permitted in packing areas. Windows protected with shatterproof film. Light fittings encased.

Jewellery Policy

Wedding rings permitted, can be covered with blue metal detectable plasters/latex gloves in packing areas. No other jewellery to be worn.

Pest Control

We employ a reputable, local Pest Control company to carry out a continuous Pest Control Policy.  This includes but is not restricted to the monitoring of the premises for insect or rodent infestations.  The active investigation of any reported rodent sighting and regular inspections of the premises by the Pest Control company.  All records of such visits are to be inspected and any recommendations are to be acted upon.  All records are available for inspection by any interested parties.

Customer Complaints

In accordance with Infinity Foods’ stated aim re quality control, customer complaints are dealt with by a dedicated Complaints Facilitator. All complaints are recorded on a  complaints database which gives a full
account of the reported complaint as well as recording relevant batch numbers and goods in batch code, hence allowing full traceability. The contact with customer and consequent response and action taken is recorded.  Any systematic failure in Infinity Foods’ quality control system to be addressed immediately whether this involves further training or the revision of the systems used in production.

The following contact is used in the case of food products testing becoming necessary:
Food Technology Centre
         Unit 8 Mayfield Park
         Liverpool Road
         Manchester M44 6GD

 Hygiene Statement

All members of the Co-operative who come into direct contact with foodstuffs should undertake a Food Hygiene course.  Protective clothing to be worn in all designated packing areas and this clothing not to be worn elsewhere on premises.  All clothing, both protective and otherwise should be kept in a clean condition and free of any contaminants.  All members of the co-op are expected to maintain a high level of personal hygiene, this includes but is not restricted to, ensuring that hands are washed on entering a packing room, that all items of jewellery are removed, that hair is tied back, no perfumes or strongly smelling body products are used.  No smoking is permitted on site.  In addition to this, any member of the co-op who has a transmissible illness has a duty to ensure that they report this illness to personnel who will determine whether they should remain at home or be put on alternative duties.

Training Statement

All Infinity Foods members and any casual staff employed in the production area outlined above will undergo appropriate training in Food Hygiene.  This should take place prior to their employment within the production area. Further training will take place when appropriate.  All training material will
be written in consultation with Brighton and Hove Councils Environmental Services. All staff training is to be recorded in their personnel records.

  All prospective co-op members to undertake a 6 month probationary period whilst assigned to a specific mentor. The mentor shall review their progress at 3 months and 6 months and present this to the co-op at a general meeting where membership will be voted on.

Statement on GMO Foods
Infinity Foods actively resists the introduction of GMO foods and we do not knowingly purchase or supply any GMO foodstuffs.  We contribute to Genetic Food Alert and are able to test for any GMO contamination.


For more information concerning Infinity Foods Haccp policy please contact Dominic Ferrari

Tel: 01273 424060