Our Shop

 Over the years, in line with the increasing demand for natural and organic wholefoods, Infinity Foods has in turn grown and evolved.

What began as a small shop in 1971; is today a thriving, bustling shop brimming with an extensive range of vegetarian products ranging from store cupboard essentials to freshly baked bread and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

There have been several moves and expansions along the way but our founding principles and ethics have remained constant and continue to guide our business practice to this day.


Having followed us along our journey, many of our regular customers are part of our story and we are hugely proud of their loyalty and commitment. As each new change dawns at Infinity, our excitement is shared and mirrored in the rapport and exchange between staff and customers, something that we welcome and value greatly.

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The day-to-day running of the retail arm of Infinity Foods Cooperative is done autonomously and therefore separately from the wholesale. For more info visit: www.infinityfoodsretail.co.uk