Infinity Foods donate to Mineral Spring Appeal


Infinity Foods have just donated to Equal Exchanges mineral Springs appeal to help tea farmers effected by the devastation caused by Cyclone Aila, which struck the Darjeeling region of India in May.

After decades of struggle to secure land and livelihoods in an abandoned tea garden, progress recently supported by Fairtrade certified tea sales from Equal Exchange has taken a severe set back. Production of tea ceased at a vital time with fields and terraces badly damaged; precious top soil washed away whilst valuable goats and cattle wandered off.

Tea picking has resumed from the undamaged plots. The precious fresh green leaf is carried in head loads down to the jeeps parked beyond the washed out road. This daily delivery is transformed into Darjeeling tea at the Selimbong factory from where it will eventually be trucked to Calcutta and made into Equal Exchange Mineral Springs tea.

Help is still need to help the farmers and their community rebuild their livelihoods. to found out how you can help and to donante please click here