Bonsoy Soya Milk is Back


We are pleased to announce that Bonsoy soya milk has been re-formulated tested and approved and has returned.

which should be welcome news to all you baristas and Soya milk aficionados out there. 

The re-formulated Bonsoy will be available for order on-system from August 1st. If you are keen we have stock, so it can be ordered 'manually' before then - but the code will not work until 1st August.

Product             size            Price                  rrp            Code

Bonsoy              6x1l            £12.55               £2.79        726505

The new formula resulted in the removal of kombu, a seaweed extract that contains naturally occuring iodine.

 Ingredients: Water, soya beans (15%), tapioca syrup, sea salt, job's tears (Japanese Barley), calcium carbonate.

Bonsoy is manufactured using only a select variety of whole soya beans. A rigorous quality testing procedure ensures that only a premium product will result.

The carefully selected beans are cooked in patented equipment that ensures the 'beany flavour' is eliminated and the beans are evenly cooked. The beans are then lovingly blended with jobs tears and malted syrup.

The result is unmatched in both taste and texture.